Who Needs Color

Who needs color?

I’ve been talking a lot recently about how color is one of the big trends right now in mens fashion. Well, it’s not just me – everyone has been talking about colour. -Crayon bright- color is what I heard someone describe it as recently, which is cool way of describing exactly how vivid and eye-catching the use of color is on the runways and catwalks of the world as well as in our favorite high street stores. This season is all about colour. But then there’s white. It’s a bit of an interesting dichotomy and I’m not going to pretend to really understand it, but at a time when we’re seeing a lot of colour and contrast in mens fashion, we’re also seeing a lot of designers devote their collections on outfits that are just monochrome visions of white. This is not just a summer separates thing, this is white upon white in different textures and fabrics. White as the opposite of all things colour. What confuses me a little bit is that sometimes we are getting it in the same collection – a string of crayon bright colour vibrancy and then boom, this is how we do it in white. In this article we take a look at how you can make bold statements in white.

Getting spiritual?

V magazine (which I love) recently ran an editorial looking at the white trend in mens fashion and concluded that it reflected a nod to -spiritualisation- in menswear. I’m not totally sure that I get the soulful feel from an all white ensemble, but check out this amazing jacket from Air that was featured in the shoot by Ben Lamberty and modeled by German model Bastian Thiery who is featuring in a lot of editorial work at the moment.

Snow leopard camouflage

I really love Ksenia Shnaider’s white on white camouflage effect used in the FW14 collection. This is a label from the Ukrainian husband and wife team of Ksenia Marchenko and Anton Schnaider – she’s a fashion designer and he is a graphic designer. Their current collection is kind of a blend of military uniforms, sportswear, camouflage, and white. All bang-on trend right now. Genius.

White can be wrong

An all white outfit can be a bit of a challenge to wear – any time that I’ve attempted it I seem to spill coffee or red wine, sit somewhere without first checking that it’s spotlessly clean, or order spaghetti bolognese. Apart from those practicalities, there is also the risk that you look like you have just escaped from some sort of psychiatric facility or a science fiction movie from the 1970s. All of these problems seem to have been embraced by new label MER (a collaboration from Federico Frotto Scuttie (an Italian from Uruguay) and Attila Lajos (from Hungary) – their connection is that they both studied in Vienna. Their SS15 collection is beautifully conceptual and features a lot of white on white, but somehow it screams science-fiction psycho more than street-smart swagger.

Celebrity Styling

You don’t have to look too far beyond the gossip magazines to see a lot of our favourite male celebrities effortlessly rocking the all white look. From Soulja Boy to Kanye – everybody is doing it.

Embrace your summer style god and step out set to dazzle in an all white ensemble. Just don’t order the spaghetti bolognese.

The difficulty in finding luxury slippers for men

In this day and age, the boundaries of fashion have been broadened to their maximum extent. The way in which people perceive style is altered and more and more persons are adopting an image far from the traditional guidelines without compromising on the style aspect whatsoever, if anything they are increasing their appeal! The classic delimitation between casual and ceremonial is not erased, but blended to such an extent that it is hard to make out what is acceptable and what is not anymore. This situation is both tricky and reaped with opportunities for the fashion addicts who were waiting to get a chance to express themselves more freely. In the sector pertaining to male attire and accessories, things have been moving at a slower pace however and there are still plenty of difficulties in finding items which bridge the gap between formal and informal. Luxury slippers are precisely that sort of items, an accessory which crosses borders and appeals to all sorts of male shoppers. As comfortable and easy to wear as the regular slippers, these luxury items are also defined by their unique and rich looking appearance, their premium materials and overall exceptional level of quality. Finding them however is a completely different story-

If you are interested in purchasing the latest accessories for men, the hippest belts and tie pins, the most lavishing pocket squares and any type of deluxe mens casual loafers, then you probably know by now that the market is not very welcoming in this regard. There are a handful of places around the world where a fashion fan can shop for beautiful and functional men’s slippers and visiting them directly is extremely hard if not impossible. The good news is that the current advancements in technology and the expansion of online shopping trends have generated an incredible achievement in this field: the creation of web based shops and platforms where men and their loved ones can buy all of the hard-to-find accessories or luxury items that were previously out of their reach!

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A good Fashion Design institute can offer a lifelong career guarantee

Fashion design is an art that refers to a wonderful combination of design and aesthetics or natural beauty to clothing and accessories. Today almost every person has become fashion savvy. From magazines to movies and dressing of today’s youth we come across fashion trends being followed everywhere. Not only this, in different places of the country fashion and glamour a very common word today. Today people have become fashion conscious and this has resulted in the increase of need for good fashioned clothing.

These factors have made fashion industry the safe and lifelong career option among innumerous students. Therefore, most of the youngsters today are getting inclined towards enrolling into the best fashion designing colleges which can provide them best curriculum of fashion designing and fashion technology. To train students in this creative field, there are innumerous fashion design institutes that have been set up all over India and offer degree, diploma and certificate programs to students. But if someone has decided upon pursuing fashion designing course then, they need to find credible and trusted institute. As only credible institute can promote and nurture student’s creative mind and make them up to date with the changes happening in the market.

The benefits of pursuing fashion designing course from leading institute is that they not only offer you industry oriented curriculum but also provides outstanding learning environment to you. The start-of-the-art lab with modern facilities and constantly updated curriculum that compiles the ever changing needs of garment industry make students overcomes challenges that they might face while working in their domain. There are a number of fashion design institute Delhi but only a few are counted among the top fashion design institute of the country. The reason that makes institutes recognized amongst other institutes is due to tireless efforts of their faculty members in all round development of students is the reason that make it one of the considered institute for pursuing different level of fashion designing course here.

The vision of this institute is to transform students into professionals of fashion industry hence they help its students developing overall personality like good communication skills, techno savvy as well as able to show their talent within minimum resource. A couple of dependable interior design institute in Delhi are also offering classes for fashion design where you can enroll yourselves. If you want to give extra edge to your profession you can also pursue autocad based fashion designing course. After completing autocad based fashion designing course, you may become able to showcase your works in 2D and 3D as well. This help you give more details to your projects and reduces chance of any kind of errors. Supposing an error occurs, you can also rectify them instantly without disturbing main structure of your design with help of 3D technology.