6 Tips to Look Dressed Hijabers Before Job Interview

Sessions job interview so affect the assessment that determines you qualify or do not work at the company’s dream. When the interview will go, not only to learn about the company but also set up the right clothes.

According to the Assessment Consultant in Experd Consultant, Cherry Zulviyanti Riadi Lukman, each company has a different assessment. There are companies that provide 80% of votes to qualify whether the applicant based on appearance, but some are only 30%. Therefore, it is important her appearance before going to job interview. Here are tips to dress that need attention.

1. Strict
Make sure the clothing worn is not strict because the interviewer will notice how you represent yourself. When he was wearing a hijab, of course you know what kind of clothing is appropriate for veiled women. You can wear a pencil skirt, dark colors make the appearance look more mature.

Pair the skirt with a white shirt and blazer to give a professional impression. If you want to wear pants, wear slacks can either cut black palazzo or not as long as it is not tight. Then mix with a blouse and vest or blazer that makes look more presentable.

2. Stay Simple
Simple but professional to be the key to dress before going through the interview process. You are advised not to wear clothes piled up. Not only fashion but also style your hijab. If you want to look simple, neat, and professional, the choice of style hijab Turkey could be an alternative. You can use a square scarf silk material when it would apply the Turkish style. Besides looks simple, silk scarf gives a touch of elegance in appearance.

3. Hit Color
Besides not pile up, also make sure you do not mix and match fashion hit of color. Colorful clothes that make the appearance look excessive when the job interview. If you want to choose the color appearance monochrome impressed today. Note also the color of your hood, you should select a not patterned. Scarf plain make the appearance looks simple.

4. Accessories
Note the use of accessories. No need to wear a veil accessories when going interview. Just one or two needles to avoid hassles and looks much simpler. Similarly, when you want to wear a necklace. Choose a necklace that do not overlap or multicolored. Instead of necklace, more importantly wearing the watch that gives the impression you are always on time.

5. Select Appropriate Clothing Sector Jobs
Fashion blogger popular Malaysian hijab, Shea rasol, suggested that the hijab mix and match according to your field. Job interviews for companies engaged in banking is different when called interview at a design firm or the mass media. Match the style of clothing with the intended areas of the company.

For example, clothing for work in a bank and creative media is different. When going to work in a bank, you should look neat and could not use a lot of color to monochrome only look professional. But while going to work in the creative media, you can explore the style to look stylish. Nevertheless, still appear simple and not overdone.

6. Shown Fresh
Make sure you look fresh when the H. Maintain health by drinking lots of water every day. Fresh look when you meet the interviewer will also make you more confident when answering the questions posed. Therefore, you must be in a fit condition when the job interview.