Why Thousands of Smokers Are Shopping Online for Juul

Why Thousands of Smokers Are Shopping Online for Juul

Cigar and cigarette smoking is now banned in millions of places around the world. That fact has caused smokers a lot of inconvenience, so many have switched to e-cigarettes that do not create smoke. One company has taken the idea a step further and created a smoking alternative called Juul. Thousands of smokers are trying to find out wherer to buy juul online. It is becoming popular because it looks nothing like a cigarette but still allows users to vape.

Juul Is a Better Choice Than Cigarettes

Smokers often want to try Juul because it provides the same benefits as other e-cigarettes but doesn’t look like them. Juul devices are flat, rectangular and a bit longer than conventional cigarettes. In fact, the devices look a bit like very small flasks. Their unique appearance can be a benefit for people who want to break the habit of holding a cigarette but still feel they need the nicotine. The most dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes are absent when smoking a Juul. Its designers created Juul for smokers and are very clear that it is not recommended for non-smokers because nicotine is addictive.

Juul Can Help Smokers Kick Nicotine Dependence

Many smokers now use a Juul to help them quit. They buy the devices and vaping e-juice that contains a full concentration of nicotine. Over time users buy juice with increasingly lower nicotine levels until they are vaping with nicotine-free products. The process is most effective when done slowly, over a period of months. Many users swear by it. Some people who have been unable to quit any other way found that they got to a point where they could leave their Juul at home without discomfort.

Juul Devices Offer Variety

Customers can shop online for Juul starter kits and a variety of pods containing e-juice. Pods are available in flavors like mint, mango, Virginia tobacco, cucumber, fruit medley and menthol.

Some fans of vaping are now switching to a Juul. The devices use pods containing various types of e-juice. Many smokers have successfully quit by using a Juul device and gradually decreasing the nicotine in the e-juice.

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